Wood Pellet Storage

Pellet bags are not water resistant, and water destroys pellets.

Each bag contains small air holes and special care should be taken to prevent water absorption.

Wood Pellet Storage Tips:

  • If possible, pellets should be stored indoors. Humid locations may require a dehumidifier.
  • New England Wood Pellet cover bags are water and UV resistant for 12 months.
  • Do not remove the cover bag if pellets are stored outside. An additional tarp is recommended for extra protection.
  • After opening a ton, we recommend moving all bags inside to a dry location. If not possible, re-wrap the ton with original cover bag or other water resistant cover.
  • Pallets should not sit directly on grass or dirt. An additional pallet or platform should be used as bottom layer.
  • Avoid abrasion of cover bags. Small holes allow water to penetrate. If tons are stacked two high, a slip sheet of OSB or plywood should be used.


This information provided by New England Wood Pellet. New England Wood Pellet is not responsible for damage incurred to pellets due to improper storage, shipping or handling.