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Fuel Oil Treatment for Tanks Subject to Freezing Temperatures

Posted by Robert LaFlamme on Fri, Apr 05, 2013

heating oil filler on side of houseMost home heating oil companies add a heating oil treatment product to the tanks that are subject to freezing temperatures in the wintertime to prevent the oil from gelling causing a loss of heat.  There are many different products available for use primarily to prevent fuel line freeze up.  The frigid temperatures that we experienced in January put these additives to the extreme test. 

After discussing the results from this past winter with some area oil burner service technicians, I have learned that everyone using heating oil in outside tanks had some oil lines freeze up, even companies who blend in some kerosene to reduce the risk.  I also learned that some heating oil additive products worked better than others.  Our company also had some oil lines freeze up which caused us to question the effectiveness of our additive.

Prevent Oil Line Freezing - and More

As a result, we have gone back to a product that we have used for many years prior to this one with excellent results: OTR 8932QG from Afton Chemical.  On our delivery tickets we list this as "FOT" for Fuel Oil Treatment because it does more than prevent oil line freeze ups.  It helps reduce sludge build-up, improves fuel lubricity, and reduces fuel system corrosion.  It truly is a fuel oil treatment that helps maintain the fuel in storage and protect the parts of the fuel storage system.

We add a quart of FOT with every delivery to a tank subject to freezing temperatures, summer or winter, because the oil in this tank is likely to stay in storage for a long period of time; and the other qualities that come with this additive will protect the tank and fuel delivery system.

If you would like to learn more about fuel oil additives, and what causes oil lines to freeze up please refer to our post on How to Prevent Oil Line Freezing in Frigid Temperatures.


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