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Introducing Crowley Fuel's NEWTANK Plan

Posted by Robert LaFlamme on Fri, Mar 15, 2013

new oil tank NEWTANK plan logoRecently we have seen several of our customers' oil tanks fail because of the age and condition of the tank.  As a result, we are coming out with a program to help plan for the replacement of these old tanks called the NEWTANK Plan. This plan allows for homeowners to get important information about their oil tanks, get a written estimate, set a replacement date, and start a payment plan that could save them thousands of dollars in the future.

Who can benefit from the NEWTANK Plan?

Customers who have older oil tanks, that have accumulated water, are in poor condition visually, or that do not meet current fire marshal's codes.  Also most underground oil tanks are eligible because it is recommended by most lenders and environmental companies that they be removed.

How the NEWTANK Plan works

Our tank replacement program includes an initial visit by a licensed service technician who will  determine the approximate age and inspect the condition of the above ground oil tank.   The service technician will then open a top port and insert a ruler with water detecting paste to determine if any water is present in the bottom of the tank.  The tanks deemed to be most at risk will be recommended for replacement and a written estimate will be drawn up. 

The NEWTANK plan contract

If the customer agrees to the estimate, then a contract will be drawn up with a payment plan included.  The payment plan will be based on the estimate price and divided by the number of months of payments.  The price for this work will be guaranteed for the term of the contract.  The contract will be binding, but will have some options for breaking it such as loss of employment or selling the home. There is no obligation for customers to accept the estimate and sign a contract; only customers in good standing of Crowley Fuel Company will be accepted.

Provisions can be made for tanks that develop leaks before all of the payments are made. Like most appliances, it is not possible to predict exactly when an oil tank will fail.  Unlike a dishwasher, when an oil tank fails, the consequences are greater.  We hope to save our customers the financial and personal problems that a failure of their oil tank would cause.

How do I enroll in the NEWTANK Plan?

The enrollment period will run from April 1 through September 30 and that will also be the tank replacement period unless the tank should start leaking sooner. Signing up is easy - just call Crowley Fuel at 508-867-6740 or click the link below!


Click to Learn More and Sign Up for the NEWTANK Plan


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