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Protecting Your Oil Tank With TANK-GUARD

Posted by Robert LaFlamme on Fri, Dec 28, 2012

tank guardCrowley Fuel Company has been using the TANK-GUARD program to protect the oil tanks of our enrolled customers for over 30 years with excellent results.  Very few of these protected tanks have leaked over the years and, when they did, they were replaced with little or no cost to the customer.  This program has an annual fee of $45.75 and the whole process begins with an inspection of your tank to see if it qualifies.

In order to qualify for coverage under the TANK-GUARD program a tank must not have been patched, repaired, or leaking.  Underground oil tanks or tanks larger than 330 gallons also cannot be covered.

The TANK-GUARD program has two important components:

  1. The first is the annual treatment of the tank with 2 fluid ounces of their patented corrosion inhibitor.  This fluid goes to the bottom of the tank where water and corrosive sludge are likely to collect and neutralizes their corrosiveness.
  2. oil tank corrosion diagramThe second component is the replacement of tanks that do develop leaks.  The TANK-GUARD program will send out a technician to verify that the tank is leaking and to set up a time for replacement.  The only costs that may be incurred by the homeowner is to secure a local fire marshal's permit, upgrade oil lines, put onto cement pads, or to remove a tank that is inaccessible.   There would also be an extra fee for having to replace a tank immediately if the leak could not be stopped.  Please refer to the TANK-GUARD warranty for more details.

It is important to note that the warranty benefit is limited to tank replacement and does not extend to environmental cleanup that may occur as a result of a release of oil. 

There is now a law which provides homeowners with the option to buy pollution insurance for their homes which I will explain in my next blog.  Until then, have a Happy New Year!

To learn more about protecting your oil tank with Tank-Guard, or to enroll in the program, contact Crowley Fuel or call 508-867-6740.


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