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Bob LaFlamme

bob laflammeCrowley Fuel owner, Bob LaFlamme has more than 25 years of experience working in the home heating industry. Throughout that time, Bob has accumulated a lot of knowledge about how to heat your home, how best to conserve energy and how to reduce the cost of buying oil.

Bob isn't just interested in selling you oil - he also wants to give you the information you need to become a better consumer.

Have a topic you'd like to see Bob cover in his blog? Send him an Email and watch for his answer here.

Fuel for Thought
by bob laflamme

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Roth Oil Tanks - The Best Oil Tank to Install


I have been blogging for the past month about how to identify and prevent problems with your oil storage tank and oil delivery system.  I am going to conclude this series with a recommendation to consider replacing your older oil tank with a Roth Double-Walled Oil Tank.

roth oil tanksLike the name says Roth oil tanks have two walls, or a tank within a tank.  The inside tank is made of a blow-molded, high density, seamless polyethylene that is leak-proof and will never corrode.  The outer tank is made of leak-proof, weld-free galvanized steel and is rollseamed with an oil and fire-resistant seal. 

A Roth oil tank is simply the safest and most reliable tank available for storing your home heating oil.

  • Another great feature of this tank is that it is the only tank on the market that has no fittings below the oil level.  This minimizes the possibility of leaks from a loose fitting or hole in the oil line.  This means that your oil supply will no longer be a gravity feed system and may require an oil pump upgrade and possibly the addition of an oil line de-aerator. 
  • The outer tank will hold 110 percent of the capacity of the inner tank and has an optical leak alarm that monitors the space between the tanks for the presence of oil.  If any oil were to get into this space the alarm will turn red and let you know there is a problem.
  • Each Roth oil tank undergoes thorough testing including ultrasound and pressure testing to ensure optimal thickness and sealing.  The DWT Plus 3 oil tanks come with 30 year limited warranty as well as an insurance policy worth up to $2 million.
  • A few other nice features about Roth oil tanks is that they are up to 50 percent lighter than a conventional steel tank, a unique expansion system ensures maximum and safe deliveries, compact economical design, and they come with an optional cover for outside installations.


crowley fuel

Crowley Fuel Company is a certified installer of Roth Double-walled oil tanks and have installed many of them over the years with zero problems.  They are competitively priced so please contact us for an estimate.


Had a Roth tank installed in the basement, the unit is no more than 8 feet from the furnace unit. The furnace keeps getting air bound and shutting down. The oil service company that installed the tank and has a service contract for the system, continues to come and prime the system to get it started. They installed all new fuel line to the furnace and there was never an issue when the tank was in the ground. The service company has checked all connections at least 10 times over the last year. Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be.
Posted @ Friday, November 29, 2013 10:19 AM by Lou Celmer
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