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Bob LaFlamme

bob laflammeCrowley Fuel owner, Bob LaFlamme has more than 25 years of experience working in the home heating industry. Throughout that time, Bob has accumulated a lot of knowledge about how to heat your home, how best to conserve energy and how to reduce the cost of buying oil.

Bob isn't just interested in selling you oil - he also wants to give you the information you need to become a better consumer.

Have a topic you'd like to see Bob cover in his blog? Send him an Email and watch for his answer here.

Fuel for Thought
by bob laflamme

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The Great Wood Pellet Shortage of 2014 Part II

new england wood pellets bag

I got a call yesterday from my main supplier of wood pellets, New England Wood Pellets (NEWP), that no one in the supply business ever wants to get.

New Sulfur Regulations May Affect Your Oil Prices

energy news from Crowley Fuel

The report below provided by Hedge Solutions highlights some of the factors driving energy prices for the 2014-2015 heating season.

Don’t Throw Old Thermostats in the Trash!

thermostat with mercury switch

I recently took a call from a customer who asked me how to dispose of an old thermostat. I thanked him for being aware that his thermostat had mercury in it and, being concerned enough about our environment to find out how to properly dispose of it. Then I told him that my company would be happy to give him information about how to dispose of a mercury thermostat or to dispose of it properly for him.

Wood Pellet Demand is Heating UP!

wood pellets on pallets ready for delivery

Memories of last winter’s shortage are still fresh in customers’ minds and so phone lines are busy for suppliers of wood pellets right now. This situation is causing supplies to be tight and delivery dates to be pushed back, but is not expected to cause anyone to be unable to get the pellets they need before the heating season begins. It’s just going to take a little time between the order and the delivery.

Lowest Heating Oil Prices in Over a Year

energy news

The report below provided by Hedge Solutions highlights some of the factors driving energy prices for the 2013-2014 heating season.

Thinking Seriously about Your Old Oil Tank

rust on an old oil tank

If you have an old oil tank of unknown age in your cellar that is still being used to store oil for your heating system, I recommend that you do something about it! In my previous blogs I have explained the damaging effect that humidity has on oil tanks and heating systems. I recommended using a dehumidifier to dry out your cellar in order to reduce the amount of moisture that will accumulate on and in your oil tank. I also recommended taking advantage of tank protection products such as Tank Guard which Crowley Fuel uses. For a small annual fee you can have Tank Guard added to your oil tank, this will help reduce the amount of corrosion and the likelihood of a leak.

Protect Your Oil Tank with a Dehumidifier

oil tank and dehumidifier

Last week I wrote about the damage that humidity can do to your oil tank and heating system. Installing a dehumidifier is a great way to start protecting these valuable assets.

Humidity and Your Heating System

rust on heating system from humid basement

I am writing this week’s blog to alert homeowners about the devastating impact that humidity can have on your home and, more important to my line of work, on your heating system. Many of you already know about this and we have seen more and more dehumidifiers in customers’ basements over the years.

Heating Oil Inventories Declining on the East Coast

energy news

The report below provided by Hedge Solutions highlights some of the factors driving energy prices for the 2013-2014 heating season.

To Export or Not to Export

oil drilling

"Wouldn't our oil prices go down?"

I have spoken with a few customers recently who ask why, in light of the current shale oil boom in the U.S., domestic crude oil can’t be sold exclusively within the U.S., which should lower crude prices in our country. My response is that, for the most part, exporting domestic crude is prohibited (this goes back to the oil embargoes of 40 years ago) and consequently U.S. crude is sold at a lower price than European/Middle East crude.

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